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All you need is love

    All you need is love - violet female - and her new family.


A million dreams

    A million dreams orange male (orange boy) and his new family.



    New photo of Ivo's son Zeus.


New photos


Puppies are growing up

    Puppies are growing up so fast. We have picked the names for them;
    A million dreams - orange male
    A sky full of stars - blue male
    All you need is love - violet female
    A kind of magic - yellow female

    More information and photos >>>.


Puppies are here

    Our first litter is finally here. Two black&tan males and two black&tan females were born on October 24th. We are very happy, it will be a unique and special experience. There is a video on our Facebook page: VIDEO.
    More information and photos >>>.


Expected puppies

  • Maya & Ivo are expecting puppies!


Ivo is Champion of Slovenia

  • Ivo attended the Alpe Adria Winner show in Slovenia and finished his championship. He is now officially Champion of Slovenia.


Maya is new International Champion

  • Maya became new International Show Champion C.I.E.



  • New photos of Ivo's son Gauss - Don't you forget about me Del Mare d’inverno



  • New photos of Ivo's son Zeus - Once upon a time Del Mare d’inverno





  • Ivo's son Miro - Someone Somewhere in summertime del Mare d'Inverno.


Puppies are growing up...

  • A small update with puppy pics, they are growing up so fast.


Portraits & names

  • Puppies are growing fast. They are almost tireless now! They play all day long with each other and with their toys. They are very lively, curious, some are brave and first to explore the environment and things. They are very people oriented and have no fear, but they also want to be careless and play with you, with your clothes, shoes.. Some puppies are still looking for their families, for more information contact the breeder: info@maredinverno.com, www.maredinverno.com.
  • Puppies also got the names:
    Someone Somewhere in summertime del Mare d'Inverno - male, orange collar
    Once upon a time del Mare d'Inverno - male, blue collar
    Alive and kickin' del Mare d'Inverno - male, red collar
    Glittering Prize del Mare d'Inverno - male, green collar
    Don't you del Mare d'Inverno - male, light blue collar
    Ghost Dancing del Mare d'Inverno - male, violet collar
    She's a river del Mare d'Inverno - female, no collar

    More photos and videos of the puppies can be found in the gallery - click here


Ivo's puppies - new photos

  • Few new photos of Ivo's puppies


Ivo's puppies

  • Ivo's first litter is born. There are 7 puppies, 6 males and 1 female, all are black and tan. They are growing so fast! They are already 3 weeks old and weight 3kg. They are lively, curious, and sweet. They already have a good structure and beautiful tan markings. I am enthusiastic and proud of dad Ivo! We are visiting them often and we are looking forward meeting the new owners! Here are some photos, more photos can be found HERE - GALLERY & VIDEOS PUPPIES.


New website

  • We finally have a nice website. You can read all about Ivo and Maya on their personal pages and follow our adventures here in the news section.


  • Maya (Steinroller Ambla) attended the CACIB Rome show where she took first place in champion class, CACIB and BOB. She also obtainted the Rome Winner 2019 title!

Expected puppies

  • In the hovawart kennel del Mare d'Inverno Ivo is expecting his first puppies. The mother of the litter will be J-Tutta 'Nata Storia del Mare d'Inverno. Puppies are expected on 20.12.2019. More information here: Ivo's offspring / Litter o simple minds

9.- 10.11.2019

CACIB Šempeter & CACIB Vrtojba

  • It was a very successful weekend for Maya! In Slovenia at the two international dog shows she obtainted the needed candidatures for the title Slovenian Beauty Champion and the last CACIB for the International Show Champion C.I.E.. We are so proud of her!
  • CACIB Šempeter, champion class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • CACIB Vrtojba, working class: excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB