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    Born on: 22.3.2017 in kennel Steinroller, FI

    Parents: Hayaklause Inrigo & Steinroller Ulla-Maya

    Height: 60 cm

    Bite: Correct, full dentition

    HD & ED: HD A/A, ED 0/0

    Degenerative myelopathy: DM/N; carrier (healthy carrier)

    Eyes: Free of genetic diseases (ECVO)

    Heart: Free of genetic diseases

    Working exams: CAL2

    Show titles: International Show Champion C.I.E., Italian Champion of Beauty, Slovenian Beauty Champion, Club Champion 2018, Rome Winner 2018 & 2019, Selected Stud Bitch ENCI, Junior Italian Champion ENCI, Junior Top Dog 2018 (ENCI circuit), Best young hovawart in Italy 2018, BOB Puppy Special show 2017.

About Maya

Maya was born in a litter in Finland in March 2017 and in July I went to Helsinki to pick her up from a Finnish breeder, Kathrina Helander, owner of the kennel "Steinroller".

When I started looking for a partner for Ivo, I wanted a female who would be completely unrelated to all blondlines in Italy. Maya arrived from Finland thanks to the availability and trust of her breeder Kathrina. From the beginning Maya proved to be just the opposite of Ivo: lively, tireless, having moments of "madness" but also moments of absolute sweetness. Her temperament enabled us to pass the CAL2 working exam in a very short period of time and with very limited training. With obtained CAL2 exam she became also a selected stud bitch, Italian champion and Club champion. Her morphological and character qualities are unquestionable.

Maya's father, Hayaklause Inrigo, won the Finnish club show three times - the Tervakoski show, which is one of the biggest hovawart shows with app. 300 dogs registered. He has many titles achived abroad, also the World dog show and European dog show championships and he has passed various working tests in his country.

Maya is, like Ivo, unique and special to me and at the same time so different than he is.

Maya is always active, jovial, cheerful, enterprising, curious, always ready to play, to go out, to do new things. With us, the family members, she is very sweet, always wants to be pampered and to be in the center of attention. She is very close to me, as well as Ivo.

Maya's show career started when she was few months old, and since then she achived excellent results in a short period of time and limited number of attended shows. She finished her International Show Championship in 2019, she won second place in couples (with Ivo) at the IDS Chieti in 2018. She won the class of young females (exc, 1) at the Club show of Reggio Emilia in 2018. At the club shows, special shows and EDS Maya is often handled by Daniele Tabarrini.

All information, including the pedigree, can also be found on:

- working-dog: https://en.working-dog.com/dogs-details/6154028/Steinroller-Ambla

- online genealogical book of the ENCI website: http://www.enci.it/libro-genealogico/libro-genealogico-on-line# (entering the dog's name, name of the owner, name of the breed)

- the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/emanuela.piacente.3