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Hi, my name is Emanuela.

I have always loved dogs and horses since I was a child.

In my family there have always been dogs, starting with my father who had a special boxer for beauty, morphology and character (Omar del David), international beauty champion and Italian champion; followed and appreciated since the 70s by the current Judge Danilo Giorgio, esteemed friend of the family. My first dog was a German shepherd and after losing him, after 14 years, I wanted to fill the void with another dog, but of another breed, and, after various researches I came across the hovawarts and I fell in love completely of these dogs.

You can read so much about their character but until you have one at home you don't fully understand how special they are in so many things.

us three

Meet the team

It's me, Emanuela, and my 4 wonderful hovis, who make sure my life is not boring