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About me

About me

I have always loved dogs and horses since I was a child.

In my family there have always been dogs, starting with my father who had a special boxer for beauty, morphology and character (Omar del David), international beauty champion and Italian champion; followed and appreciated since the 70s by the current Judge Danilo Giorgio, esteemed friend of the family. My first dog was a German shepherd and after losing him, after 14 years, I wanted to fill the void with another dog, but of another breed, and, after various researches I came across the hovawarts and I fell in love completely of these dogs.

Left photo: My father's dog - Omar del David about 1970, Italian Champion, CIB
Right photo: My first dog - Golden knopf Xandor, born 1998 in Italy

Hovawart - You can read so much about their character but until you have one at home you don't fully understand how special they are in so many things.

A little stubborn but with a generous heart. So I started this little adventure first with only one dog and then with two and then who knows ... some dream in the future is there.

I also participated in the 3 modules of the Master of Breeders ENCI, A.N.M.V.I in Orvieto in 2014/2015:

- 1st modul: Reproduction, genetics and herd book.

- 2nd modul: pediatrics and growth diseases. hereditary diseases. sport activity.

- 3rd modul: professional management of canine breeding. Behavior, education and training.

I also participated in a Handling course with the professional handler Roberta Semenzato because I wanted to know the techniques to best present the dogs at the expo. On important occasions I also introduced my dogs to professional handlers in the show: world dog show, European dog show, in Italy and abroad; but I also often presented my dogs alone.

Ivanhoe Aldeon - Ivo

Steinroller Ambla - Maya